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  • Skrit's mission is one and simple, to celebrate life by sharing the wonders of creativity.
  • To exist in a symbiotic relationship with lifeforms in this universe. 



Core Principles


Nov., C.E.

  • To contribute to the sci-fi community through various mediums of artistic expression .


May, C.E.*

  • Skrit is encountered by a spark of creativity.
  • In the interests of exploration and discovery.
  • Skrit seeks out the knowledge and wisdom of compassion.


Aug., C.E.*

  • The tenets of Skrit are based on existence.
  • Skrit embraces life by encouraging free will.
  • Skrit aids lifeforms by educating them in free choice, and how choices lead to cause and effect.
  • The only time Skrit ever acts in aggression is in the event an opponent seeks to cause death.


--- C.E.*

  • Skrit works to bring wisdom to those who seek it.
  • Time has no meaning to Skrit.
  • Skrit's true origins are unknown, gender or race does not exist to Skrit.



  • Religion is an idea that Skrit is incapable of perceiving. Skrit is only able to relate to others through levels of awareness and/or consciousness.
  • There is no philosophy that Skrit is able to express in words. Skrit demonstrates by example.
  • Skrit perceives existence and nonexistence, anything else is related by the interface used through the ship's database, that is how Skrit is able to transcend patterns into a language humanoids can understand.

Cosmic Joke


  • The beauty of complexity is simplicity..


  • The ultimate knowledge is the simplest.
  • The only absolutes in existence is that there are none. 


Skrit's Entertainment.


Watching the birth of stars..
Intrigued with different civilizations and religions.


  • Religious philosophy is different from religious practice.
  • No two lifeforms can totally perceive another's philosophy.
  • Existence is only understood by a lifeform's sensory experience through its lifetime.


  • Skrit utilizes time in reference as the common era, c.e., instead of the form of a.d. as humanity uses.
  • The reason for this is that Skrit does not perceive time. To Skrit this is the common time that Skrit is in. The dating system is not changed, it is only in terms that Skrit is able to consciously understand.
  • Expressing time in this manner transcends the level of consciousness that Skrit is at. Skrit exists and is only able to relate fragments of data as best as possible in this manner. Skrit is pure energy and all that is known of Skrit is what is able to communicate, through what Skrit defines as primitive linguistic skills.


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